Rural Development recognizes that the cutting edge to the development is the quality of the key personnel implementing the developmental programmes. Its efforts are directed towards development of these human resources. Over the years it has sharpened its tools and techniques by developing appropriate training material. The goals will be achieved by various programme support.Being implemented creating partnership with communities, non-governmental organizations, community based organizations, institutions, while the Department of Rural Development will provide logistic support both on technical and administrative side for programme implementation.
Undertakes research studies on themes of relevance to the center viz., development communication,information needs of development community, etc. Curriculum development, preparation of training manuals and training guidelines are its forte. Custom-made training programmes were conducted for the officers Besides, it offered study visits to rural development functionaries The strength of etc lies in its well qualified and experienced faculty having good exposure. It is divided into various Centres of specialization ranging from sustainable economic development, women's development to human resource development, organizational development and extension and transfer of technology, besides planning and evaluation.